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Victor M. Lopez - Realtor / Broker Associate
724 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515
C: 630-660-1292 O: 630-964-1855  F: 630-964-8619
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Coffee Mug
Great gift for a loved one or for that morning cup of tea of coffee.

Tape Measure
Baseball Hat
Baird & Warner - Merchandise Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
Great gift for figuring out how big your bedroom or kitchen is.

Great for those games at the ball park, or at the beach or out with your friends.

Stylus Pen 2G USB Drive
Not just an ordinary pen. It has a 2G USB Drive to back up your files. Pretty cool.

Can Cooler Sleeve
Keep you beverage cool with our bottle sleeve for those hot days.

Great keychain flashlight for those times you wish you could see the keyhole of your front door or car door.

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
1G USB Jumpdrive
Backup your computer files when you're on the go. Fits in your pocket, works on any computer.

Bottle Opener Key Chain
Fire Extinguisher
Handy bottle opener for those special occasions or when your out at a ball park or beach.

Portable Emergency Fire Extinguisher for the kitchen. An asset for any home in addition to smoke detectors.

Key Lockbox
Great for Realtors for home showings and homeowners in case they locked themselves out of the house.

Water Bottle 20 Oz.
Great for outdoor sport activities. Or for those long waits at the bus stop or train station on hot days.

Ebooks for Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Marketing Tools for a Lease Agent
A straightforward how to guide to get you started as a lease agent and how to market yourself to landlords and tenants.

Real Estate Marketing Campaign Trade Secrets  for Realtors
Real Estate Marketing Tools for Real Estate Investors
A straightforward how to guide to get you started as a license broker and how to market yourself to buyers / sellers and property management.

A straightforward how to guide to get you started in real estate investing and where to find the deals, cash flow, cash on cash return and how to analyze deal from a dud.

Keep track of your everyday
appointments with this 12 month calendar full of coupons for Café Bella next to our office.


We take credit cards
Support your local real estate company that helped you find your home and real estate needs.

Collar Short Sleeve Shirt
Support your local real estate company that helped you find your home and real estate needs.

Collar Long Sleeve Shirt
Support your local real estate company that helped you find your home and real estate needs.

2017 Baird & Warner
Additional Products for Homeowners
Toilet Bidet Attachment:
GoBidet 2003C Chrome Bidet Attachment
Get a plumber to install this toilet bidet. Works great.
Stairlift by Acorn
Great for people who have knee problems or have trouble getting up the stairs. Call you Acorn representative to have this installed in your home.
Exterior Wheelchair lift
Great for handicap homeowners who live in homes that aren't handicap accessible. Call your installation representative.
The Magic Tap
Opening and pouring milk or soda pop has been simplified where all you have to do is push you cup against the drink dispenser. Great Invention

Kitchen Steam Faucet Valve (Not invented yet for residential use)
Great for cleaning kitchen dishes and silverware. Hot water efficient steam cleaning, no more soap. Install Steam tank under sink. Connect water line. Have plumber install at all your sinks in your home. The one in picture is a dental lab steamer showing the concept of the invention.
Exterior Security Cameras
You can get home security cameras and various other gadgets like pen cameras, watch cameras, key fob cameras at frys.com. Great for monitoring your household. DIY or Call your installation representative.
DIY Laptop Stand from your cup holder
This is great for working in your car for researching and scheduling appointments for your clients when not driving. DIY cup holder laptop tray costs about $30
Click here for article
Smartphone Lens Cap for Privacy - Cell phone cameras can be hacked, use low tech camera lens cover for hi tech camera
Jumper Pack for your car
This is great for working in your car if you ever needed a jump. Connect the cables, wait 5 minutes then turn on car. It charges your phone and laptop!
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Rev-A-Shelf® Under-Sink Base Drip Tray
This is great for under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, a drip pan
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Real Estate Property Analyzer for Real Estate Investors
A Microsoft excel spreadsheet programmed with computations to analyze sellers income and expense reports and rent rolls into a spreadsheet formula which calculates the cap rate, cash on cash return and calculates the cash flow to help you decide whether the prospect real estate investment is a deal or a dud. Helps investors analyze the numbers on the real estate property.

Property Analyzer
Inside Window Blinds for Privacy - No more need for cleaning the blinds. Click here
Built in Window Blinds for Your outside door for Privacy - No more need for cleaning the blinds. Click Here
Home Elevator - Get them installed with telephone lines. Home Elevator installers see below.

1) To the Top Elevators click here

2) DME Elevators and Lifts click here
Portable Battery Charger
Portable battery charger - If you're on the go all the time and don't have time to wait by a wall outlet, get this portable battery charger. Use Velcro to stick battery pack to cell phone.

Cobra Plastic Drain Stick
If your sink drain doesn't drain fast enough it's probably clogged with hair. This is a great tool for cleaning out your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Click Here for Lowe's ad