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Victor M. Lopez - Realtor / Broker Associate
724 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515
C: 630-660-1292 O: 630-964-1855  F: 630-964-8619
Commercial Building Sales Services

Click on any of the photos below to search for properties you're interested in. Also check out victorlopez.bairdwarner.com for more real estate services

Check out this website for Commercial Buildings I have for Sale!
Then give me a call to schedule a showing 630-660-1292
Through the Neighborhood Lending Program, the City of Chicago and Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS), provide first and second mortgage loans for the purchase or purchase + rehab of 1- to 4-unit buildings for homeowners who might otherwise not be able to purchase a home. Special subsidies are also available to income-eligible households to support these loans. Clients receive one-on-one counseling and classroom instruction in budgeting, financial planning and credit repair
Qualifying applicants seeking to purchase or purchase+rehab a home may receive deferred, forgivable loans for:
• Downpayment assistance 
•Closing cost assistance 
•Affordability assistance (debt-to-income ratio) 
•Lead-based paint abatement 

Eligibility Requirements
Program eligibility will be determined by NHS based on gross annual household income. To qualify for a forgivable loan, households must be under 80% of area median income - approximately $59,600 for a family of four.

Application Process
Contact NHS at (773) 329-4010 for information and application materials.



Put your properties in a Landtrust, you are the benefiary, it's good for anonymity when you own multiple properties.

A land trust is a useful way to manage complex divisions of the bundle of rights that people can own in real estate, and can be used to manage something as large and complex as a multi-state real estate investment trust, or as common and small as a single-family home.

Corporations sometimes set up land trusts when they want to compile large tracts of land without arousing suspicion or alerting people to their plans (which would cause the asking price to rise). For example, the land for Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, was put together by using many land trusts to buy smaller tracts of land.

Individuals use land trusts as an alternative type of housing tenure to owner occupancy mainly for privacy and to avoid probate. Many investors buy properties through land trusts to prevent their names appearing in public records. The land trust also allows the property to immediately pass to the owner's heirs upon death, rather than go through a lengthy probate process

Land trust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There are two distinct definitions of a land trust: 

View on en.wikipedia.org 

Go to Chicago Title Land Trust Company to set up a land trust for your properties. Protect yourself and your assets if you ever get sued.

Chicago Title Land Trust Company

Chicago Title Land Trust Information view on www.ctlandtrust.com 

Make an LLC, like 1530 W. 15th Street LLC instead of putting everything in your name.

How to Form an LLC in Illinois | Nolo.com

To form an LLC in Illinois, here's everything you need to know. View on www.nolo.com


Existing Property Owners or New Property Owners:

Baird & Warner Property Management
The Premiere Destination for Rental Property
At Baird & Warner Property Management, we focus on exceptional property management of rental homes, townhomes, condos, and small apartment buildings throughout the Chicagoland Area. Our focus allows us to give more individualized attention to our property owners and tenants.
Baird & Warner Property Management is proud to be associated with several organizations such as; National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), local Chambers of Commerce, and Realtor Associations. Baird & Warner Property Management spends time each year attending local and national conferences to remain experts in local and state laws, legislature and more. This enables us to better serve our property owners and to meet the needs of our tenants.
Property Sellers:
Are you thinking about selling your multi family or mixed use building? 
Give me a call 630-660-1292

I have a great marketing campaign for selling your commercial building. I sit down and consult with you to go over the entire features of your property that you want to sell. We will go over and compile a financial feature of your building to determine the best approach and sale of your building. We will go over the: 1) Income / Expense Report 2) Financial Summary, 3) Rent Roll, 4) Property Details 5) Property Description covering the age of building improvements and unit appliances 6) Property Features description and for rent ads. We'll discuss buyer financing options as well. Once property is active on MLS, I will email blast the top real estate agents at Baird & Warner as well as email blast my personal database of real estate investors who are always looking for investment property in desirable neighborhoods.

Baird & Warner offers professional photo services for your building highlighting the best parts and views of your building.

Baird & Warner Marketing Services will create marketing brochures that will highlight the best features of your property in nice professional looking format. 
Baird & Warner Property Management Benefits

What’s included in the 10% Monthly Baird & Warner Property Management Fee

1) Baird & Warner Real Estate Marketing Services of your property and market rate rental pricing
2) Online payment options for Tenants where you get paid faster
3) Emailed Monthly Landlord Building Income / Expense Reports and Rent Roll Statements
4) On Demand access to your Detailed Accounting Ledger
5) Handle Maintenance issues quicker
6) Tenant Screening, Credit Check, Criminal Background Checks, Eviction Checks, Copy of IDs and Last 2 paystubs or hiring letter or cosigner information, Employment Verification, Rental History
7) Tenant Leasing Services and Key Delivery and Rent Deposits or Move in Fees, Move In Tenant Coordination, Move In Report, Provide Tenant with apartment or condo bylaws, Lease Riders, Handling Tenant noise complaints and Tenant rental due notice and 5 day notices
8) 24 Hour Maintenance Staff for your building issues
9) 1 Year Service Contract + 45 days and Landlord pays $500 Reserve Fund
10) Partnering with a company that has been in the business since 1855
11) Rent Collection Services
12) Access to your declared Property Manager for all your properties whether they are single family homes or multi unit properties!
13) Baird & Warner Property Management Services maintain all necessary certifications and legal requirements to provide you all the real estate services available.
14) We provide 2 unit inspections per year for an individual apartment or interior of a rented single family home. We will also glance over the outside of the building as well to make sure property is properly maintained and address any building issues with the landlord.


What's Not Included in the 10% Monthly Fee, These are additional fees invoiced to the Landlord by Baird & Warner Property Management Services

1) Apartment cleaning and renovation services for apartment marketing turnaround
2) Yard Maintenance Services including cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, watering the grass, leaf removal
3) Outside Window Cleaning Services, Door and Window repair services 
4) Additional Contracting services - such as for tuckpointing, roof repair, door and window replacement, wood floor maintenance, wall painting and unit cleaning services, rekeying doors services, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. Water leak damage repair.
5) Pest Control Maintenance
6) Snow and Garbage removal services.
7) Tenant Eviction Process for problem tenants. Landlord pays for eviction related fees such as Attorney and Eviction Filing Fees, Processor Fees, etc.
8) Rekeying apartment units services
9) Security camera installation services and key fob security system

Baird & Warner Property Management Services are ideal for: 

1)Self Managing Landlords or Real Estate Investors
2)Landlords or Real Estate Investors who are tired of being Landlords
3)Landlords or Real Estate Investors who are too busy to be Landlords
4)Landlords or Real Estate Investor who live out of state
5)Landlords or Real Estate Investors who need help maintaining their Real Estate Portfolio of Properties that they own.
6)Landlords or Real Estate Investors who want to retire from Landlord duties
7) Landlords who own buildings with no association fees. 

If you feel our property management services can help you with:

1)Getting your property management services organized and under control
2)Getting better screened quality tenants and less problematic ones
3)Higher Tenant retention and handling tenant daily issues
4)Better Tenant service calls turnaround and all season 24 hr maintenance staff.
5)Better Building maintenance upkeep, such as roof and brick repairs
6)Quicker vacant apartment repair and marketing turnaround 

Or any other property management issues, please feel free to give me a call anytime. Thank you for your time.


BAIRD & WARNER / 724 OGDEN AVENUE, DOWNERS GROVE, IL 60515 / O: 630-964-1855 / F: 630-964-8619 
http://myplaceinchicago.com/ - http://victorlopez.bairdwarner.com/ - http://www.youtube.com/user/vmlprop1/ 
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